Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes, I'm a Geek, so what? Not Everyone WANTS to be a Princess!

This reading, like every other one, is one I can personally relate to. I had mixed feelings about this article at first. This made it difficult to try and figure out what type of post I should write. Then I read Jocelyn’s post and decided to do an extended comment post. 

If there’s one thing I really enjoyed from Jocelyn’s post it was the video she chose. “What Disney Princesses and Princes Teach Girls and Boys.” As I sat there and watched the video I reminisced about growing up with these movies. Sitting there, watching as the glass slipper perfectly fit Cinderella’s dainty foot; or as Belle danced to “Tale as Old as Time” with the despicable Beast; and as Jasmine rode on the magic carpet with Aladdin.  Looking back I never thought about what hidden messages were being taught in these “magical moments.” Now, after reading this article and watching this video I am dumbfounded at the messages that are being displayed through these fairy tales. 

Like Jocelyn, I don’t like the idea of a secret education. People say I over analyze things, but that is my way of knowing what I’m being taught or if I’m truly make a good decision about something. I should be able to know what I’m being taught and the lessons I’m taking out of it. I am sad to say I never realized exactly what I was learning from these fairy tales and cartoons.

As I continued reading Jocelyn’s post I couldn’t help but scream “AMEN!”  Especially when she said “The pressures have been in place all my life to be beautiful, thin and submissive. I am often told by relatives that I should check my brain at the door if I want to ever get a man. But why would I want someone who doesn't love me for who I am, brain and all?” I, too, have been told that I need to become less of a “Geek” if I hope to find a guy that would be the least bit interested in me. I look at those who tell me that, wondering why on earth someone would say something so mean to a person. I want to say “Why should I give a damn! I am me and that’s all that matters!”  These words have always bothered me but now I know they have a deeper meaning. Those who tell us that we need to change ourselves in order to get a man have the influence of mass media fueling their ideas. The girl who reads all the time, or is constantly going to the theatre to see a play, or the girl who spends her weekends doing homework never gets the guy. Instead, she hangs out with a group of “outcasts” and if she’s lucky turns the head of a guy but not the popular football player. These are the lessons that the movies, cartoons, comics, and television shows are relaying to the younger generations. 

The connection Jocelyn made to Johnson’s article was a valid point. How are we to deal with the lessons being taught behind the doors of the magnificent castle if we cannot mention it or talk about it. This point goes back to the Youtube video. I found it to be a great video. In the eyes of many of the viewers, however, it was a controversial one. The video has received almost 2 million views with 3,305 likes and 4,044 dislikes. What does this tell you? People don’t like the idea of the revelation of the  “hidden education” buried deep in the fairytales we allow our children to watch.

Christensen’s teaching technique is one I want to take note of. She definitely knows her Kohn. She allowed her students to come up with their own personal ideas regarding cartoons, instead of laying the answers out on the table for them. She allowed her students to come up with their own projects and personalize them to their liking. She engaged them in conversation and explored why their ideas were great.

To end the post I would like to share a website I stumbled across doing research for my post. It’s a quiz girls can take to see if they are a “Fashion Princess” or “Geeky Freak.” Like seriously??? Just they titles they use aggravate me. This is just another example of how mass media is influencing children. If you have fashion-you’re a princess. If you’re a geek, well then you’re just a freak. Out of curiosity I decided to take the quiz. I wanted to see the explanation of my evaluation. Below are my results. I couldn't help but laugh. Mainly because of the awful spelling errors! 

Points to share in class:
Christensen’s class made it a point to make their voices heard about the stereotypes portrayed in these movies. It reminds me of SCWAAMP-especially in regards to Whiteness and Ablebodiedness. These cartoons portray the stereotypes of SCWAAMP to a tee. Where’s the princesses of color? Or the princess that’s NOT skinny and big breasted? How many students (or anyone for that matter) need to voice their opinions before something is changed? After all, little girls strive to be a princess…should they not strive to be the first female President or a CEO of a Fortune-500 company? Happily ever after doesn't have to be living in a castle with a prince or princess…but instead growing up, being the first person in your family to go to college and become successful in a job that you love. Happily ever after should refer to what makes YOU happy-NOT what the media says should make you happy. 


  1. Hey Dorothy!
    I couldn't help but LOL about the end of your post!! That quiz is just a perfect example of the awful messages being sent to young girls!

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Your posts are always great. I do love that you took the personality quiz. It's sad but when your little you think things like this actually have meaning. Your little stick figure picture made me laugh too.

    Love reading your blog,

  3. Hey Dorothy,

    Love the title you put for your blog, it was really catchy. I like how you use Jocelyn's post to do your blog. I also can agree with Chelsea comment! Nice quiz lol.

  4. Dorothy,
    i thought your blog had so much depth to it as you really ripped apart the "fantasy" of fairytales. I completely agree because the message that these movies sends girls are not good. I am even at fault for thinking i do not look right, that i am fat even though we are meant to look different.
    Some of my family say no guy wants a girl who snort laughs and burps only guys do that. They are only joking but my point is that i can agree with you, why should you act like someone else when you want to be yourself, not a princess or a nerd.

  5. So i took the quiz. According to the quiz i am considered to have geek fashion, where i sent trends, use bright colors and sometimes am little different. I cannot agree with this quiz. It truly cannot possibly describe someone's personality