Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Little About Myself

Hi Everyone!

I am new to Rhode Island College. I transferred from Johnson & Wales where I was studying Event Management. I realized that event planning just wasn't my thing. I always loved kids and thought of always becoming a teacher. So here I am! :) I'm looking forward to seeing what FNED 346 has in store for me this semester. So far, I have enjoyed it a lot and have already learned so much!

Here's a little about myself: I love music, plays, and books! I've been playing the piano for 16 years-it's my own little escape away from reality. When I'm not in class or working, you'll probably find me at Trinity Rep or the Providence Performing Arts Center enjoying a play or musical. And if I'm not there I'll probably be at the library enjoying a good book.

My summer was pretty quiet. I took some classes at CCRI, worked, spent time with my family and pretty much just relaxed.  I did go see Maroon 5 & Kelly Clarkson at the Comcast Center. It was an AMAZING show!!! I'm a huge Adam Levine fan! :)


  1. Thanks for getting this up so quickly! :)

  2. Hi Dorothy! It's Karen from class! Nice work on your blog!! I think I sent my up properly, not sure though! I hope so!! Here is my address so you know where to find me...

    I'm not too familiar with how this whole thing actually works,so any advice would be helpful !!

    Have a nice weekend!!

  3. Hi Dorothy,
    I don't know if we talked about this is class on Thursday but I too am a huge theatre buff! I subscribe to PPAC and the GAMM. You have to see the Brown/Trinity MFA productions, they are amazing and so cheap-$5-$6 a show with our ID. We should go to a show sometime! -Jocelyn B.

    1. Hi Jocelyn,
      I've always wanted to see a Brown/Trinity MFA production. I was planning on going to Romeo & Juliet this summer but life got in the way. We should definitely go see a show sometime! See you in class. ~Dorothy